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How To Hack Into The Wii RAM Using A USB Gecko

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Admin & Writer
These are really old videos so they might not be totally up to date, but they're really good tutorials though.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Moderator & Coder
Moderator & Coder
This is nice basic gecko tutorial.

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The energy you give, you shall receive.


Admin & Writer
Yes, I know. The guy who did the video is really good at giving tutorials, in my opinion. He has lots more good tutorials on his channel that you should check out. The tutorials he has are mainly about hacking different video game consoles.



It´s very outdated though.

Most of this can be done with Gecko.Net (like the calculations) and everything he does quite a lot faster. There´s a lot of pointless stuff in the video. It´s still wortful to watch.

Most of the time you want ASM and not pointer. Like 90% of the time. I could do the code in 1-2 minutes using ASM and the search like he did.



I see codes that don't work or that freeze the game and I believe that there are uneducated hackers (who probably only know about base addresses) who don't know how to use po (pointer offsets) or the
E0000000 80008000
line to reset the po and I believe that those hackers are the reason.


Admin & Writer
One of the places that you'll find n00bs like that is: n00bleakers You won't find any hacker on here that doesn't know how to properly build codes.

By the way... You just taught me what "po" stands for. lol I knew that "PO" stands for: Post Office, but I never knew what po stands for.



Sometimes a lack of testing can freeze the game, even if it was from the best coder ever. It can be like gambling and may depend on randomness.




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