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How To Start And Play MKW Without A WiiMote

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Admin & Writer
Hello people,
this method I found out yesterday, nothing earth shattering but for GCN player handy!

Get started:

Put your GCN controller into your Wii, if everything is off.


She turns on and it sees BootMii.

You have to have it installed in boot2!

Now go to the Boot HBC (GCN with everything!)
And launches

HBC with Haxx ID must be installed in the system menu!

Select from your apps in configurable USB Loader...

Boot.dol must be in a folder in XXX apps directory of the SD card!

Now press button B on the GCN and select the game to boot.

Cios must be installed + MKWii Iso on the stick / HDD

Alternatively select Neo Gamma Channel app and boot disk!

Wait briefly and you are and you can gamble in MKWii to have used without a Wiimote!

How do you get all that you want search the forum, there is everything!

I hope this has helped many and please no stupid comments like "everyone already knows" etc... Because it was never posted.

Originally posted by Bully@WiiPlaza on hyperspeed.1talk.net

It's basically a copy and paste that was slightly edited to make it more understanding not that Bully doesn't do a good job with explaining things, it's just that Google Translate doesn't do a good job with translating some languages into English in my opinion.

How To Start And Play MKW Without A WiiMote Simple10


I just remembered that I wrote this by reading the title :O

How To Start And Play MKW Without A WiiMote Lejx87ba


Admin & Writer
It's a pretty good tutorial that's why I posted it. Too bad I can't try this out because my Wii is one of those black Wiis and it isn't as good as those older ones. I might trade my friend my DS Lite and 2-4 games for the DS for his older Wii. He has a PS3 now and he hardly ever uses his Wii and I rarely ever use my DS.

He can be conned pretty easily. I've conned him so many times before.

How To Start And Play MKW Without A WiiMote Simple10

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