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Gecko.NET Undo Lines

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1Gecko.NET Undo Lines Empty Gecko.NET Undo Lines on 3/31/2013, 3:22 am


This only applies to USB Gecko users/coders. If you aren't one, there is NO point in continuing to read or bother with this. I don't want to see stupid n00b comments.

Thank you! Smile
Not many people know about this very useful feature... Cool

You can create a code line which pokes an address with a value every time you send OR disable your codes. Be sure to have "Undo After Disabling" and "Undo After Sending" ticked on GCT tab:

Gecko.NET Undo Lines GNet_Undo

The magic line starts with ## followed by the address and finally the value. This is only valid in Gecko.NET and is NOT part of any code releases. It helps you to code and nothing more. You haven't seen it on any codes because there aren't supposed to exist outside of code creation. Exclamation

Gecko.NET offers a function to automatically generate one for you. Simply highlight the full address (no matter if it has a codetype prefix or not) and press CTRL + U. Be sure it's the correct address and (default) value by quickly looking at it. Fix if needed, not all codetypes will be "translated" properly by the application. Especially the memory 90 ones. It could also happen that the current value in the RAM is not the default so make sure that is the case when you generate the undo line.

You should use an undo line for static values and assembly codes. Everything else is up to you. EVERY address receives ONE undo line, not TWO or ZERO. It's the same as RAM writes. You do one and not multiples to the same address at the same time.

Undo lines will be poked no matter if the code is ticked or not. It CAN get you into trouble if you don't pay attention (memory changing but your undo value is still old). This applies to Call of Duty mainly when you have a bunch of undo lines from a different game mode. It'll screw things up so make a different code list whenever that is the case and you're coding for a different game mode/game.

Steps to follow:

- Click "Add code" button
- Insert code name
- Put code in
- Tick code
- Generate undo line (or do manually)
- Click "Send Codes" button

Example progress:

- I click "Add code"
- I insert "Infinite Wheelie" as code name
- I insert the code
Gecko.NET Undo Lines GNet_Undo4
- I tick the code
Gecko.NET Undo Lines GNet_Undo2
- I generate the undo line
Gecko.NET Undo Lines GNet_Undo3
- I send the code

If I disable codes now, it will disable (undo) my code from above. It wouldn't have done that without the ## line since there's nothing that writes back the original value. You may have forgotten already, but it also pokes before the code is sent in order to fix issues mentioned below.

If you send an assembly code (excluding the 1-liners) a 2nd time WITHOUT an undo line, your game might crash even though the code is fine. Ever noticed? The reason for this is that the code has already been linked with a branch and C2/F2/... codes weren't made for being sent repeatedly but with undo lines this can be done without problems.

Instead of poking the default value by hand every time, you use an undo line. It saves time and is very handy especially when the code list gets longer.

Enjoy Shocked

Gecko.NET Undo Lines Lejx87ba

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