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How To Bypass 20109 Error - USB Gecko ONLY!

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Admin & Writer
This is only required when using a USB Gecko. You don't need to read this tutorial if you don't own one because you won't see the error unless you're running the Gecko. Error code 20109 happens when an unauthorized device is connected to the Wii (the Gecko) when trying to connect to WC24. You can bypass this with just a simple F6 code that will work on every game and any region.

20109 Error Fix [hetoan2/Ropers]
F6000001 800080A0
3C608000 38C33180
14000004 3CC08000
E0000000 80008000



Nope. It happens when you connect Gecko.Net because the developer of it hates online hacking.

I made something better than a code long ago, a gameconfig.txt patch. It will be applied automatically to any game when it's placed on the SD card.



Admin & Writer
How the fuck could anyone hate online hacking?! Like WTF?! xD lol



Lmao because it ruins the game for n00bz and stuff



Admin & Writer
The n00bs need to suffer!  Twisted Evil xDDDDDD


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