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String Write (Patch Code)

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1String Write (Patch Code) Empty String Write (Patch Code) on 5/10/2014, 8:23 pm


Admin & Writer
Tutorial is too big, but informative!  lol


A string write (06 codetype) is a codetype used in some games to change the text of a string. A "string" is a set of text. For example, "THIS IS A STRING" would be an example of a string. Strings can also be numbers as well. A string is pretty much anything that is defined as text.

If the address is 80000000 - 80FFFFFF, you use the 06 codetype.
If the address is 81000000 - 817FFFFF, you use the 07 codetype.

Obviously, you will never create a successful string write code with an address like the maxes shown above. There are certain useful address offset aspects to every game.

You want to change your player's name from "John Smith" to "I'm a N00b". Go to the link below and convert "John Smith" (without quotes) ASCII)) to Hexadecimal. The converter should return the following:


The game only allows up to 10 chars for the name! The address is 8098A7FC. Refer to (2).


XXXXXXX = Address


The next line tells the code handler how much bytes to write to the address. Since 10 is the max we SHOULD use, you need to convert it to Hexadecimal or the code handler would think it's supposed to write 16 bytes. Since 16 is 10 in Hexadecimal and the code handler reads only Hexadecimal not Decimal, you have to convert it.

0698A7FC 0000000A

Next, we need to convert "I'm a N00b" (without quotes) to Hexadecimal. It should return the following:


Paste the above into the code on the second line, breaking it into 4 bytes (2 chars) + 1 space + 4 bytes + new line & repeat until nothing is left.

0698A7FC 0000000A
49276D20 61204E30

If there is nothing left on the current line that can become a complete line totalling 8 bytes, fill in remaining empty bytes with 0s. 0s are null!

0698A7FC 0000000A
49276D20 61204E30
30620000 00000000

Add a terminator to the bottom of the code.

0698A7FC 0000000A
49276D20 61204E30
30620000 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Add a button activator if you want.

0698A7FC 0000000A
49276D20 61204E30
30620000 00000000
E0000000 80008000


Refer to (8). You made a mistake, but I made you do all this work to have to re-do it?! Not quite... See, that's the whole part of learning; is to correct your mistakes, so you won't keep making the same one over and over.  ;)

You told the code handler to only read the first 10 bytes of code, but there's still more and it doesn't know what to do with it!

For every 2 chars that are null (0s), add 1 to the amount of bytes to read.

0698A7FC 00000010
49276D20 61204E30
30620000 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Refer to (8).  lol  You did have to use 10!  xD

Congratulations! You're finished!  :)

String Write (Patch Code) Simple10

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