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Problems With Dolphin - Solutions

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1Information Problems With Dolphin - Solutions on 7/2/2014, 5:51 am


Admin & Writer
Ever wondered why Dolphin crashes, displays only a black screen, shuts down your computer without warning or gives errors related to DirectX or a DLL(s) (Dynamic Link Library file)?

It's most likely because your computer isn't strong enough. If you are trying to just dump RAM from a game and the only thing you are getting is a black screen, then you don't really need a better computer. As long as your computer can bottleneck for at least a few minutes before giving up, you should be able to dump the RAM.

The reason why you might be getting a black screen is because of your graphics card. Some ATI Radeon Xpress graphics cards are known to do this, such as the 1250. You will need a better graphics card, such as an ATI Radeon HD Series graphics card or better and one with decent memory. 2 GB should be more than enough.

Your computer shuts down automatically without warning? If this has ever happened to you before, open up Windows Task Manager, while Dolphin is playing a game and look at the CPU Usage. Is it more than 85%? If so, this is the problem! Your CPU is the most important part of your computer, besides the motherboard! Having a CPU that runs <= 2.9 GHz might have problems with overheating. You're better off using a CPU with at least 3.5 GHz. It might get overclocked though, so be careful! Motherboards are programmed to shut themselves down if the components are above a certain temperature to prevent damage. If this weren't to happen, you would literally have a burnt component and you WOULD'NT be able to use your computer anymore! The faster the CPU, the faster your computer will run.

The CPU also relies on RAM. The more RAM you have, the more processes can be stored in memory (RAM) before the CPU processes it. You might be able to get away with only 4 GB, but I would recommend you have at least 8 GB, just in case. Also, use DDR3 RAM not DDR2. Most motherboards nowadays only support DDR3, so it'll be impossible to get away from it. DDR3 is more expensive, but is 10x faster than DDR2. 1 GB of DDR3 is better than 4 GB of DDR2. If you are running a 32 Bit machine, you will only be able to have 4 GB of RAM at the most!

The 32 Bit Architecture is obsolete and they don't put them on motherboards anymore. You will be better off running a 64 Bit machine as it supports both 32 and 64 Bit processes. 32 Bit only supports 32 Bit. 64 goes both ways.

You would think that the OS doesn't matter, but it does in our case!

XP - Too old, obsolete and only comes in 32 Bit. It's difficult to find one that runs in 64 Bit. Actually, I'm not even sure if there's such thing!

Vista - too many problems with drivers and such, old and obsolete, same problem with Architecture as XP(?).

7 - Supports 64 Bit Architecture, obsolete.

8 - Supports 64 Bit Architecture, prolly the best to use for Dolphin. If I were you, I'd pick a good machine with 8 on it. They are starting to get rid of damn good machines with 7 on them and replacing them with 8 because 7 is obsolete. Also, 8 has 100x better support for components than 7.

You can get a decent computer at Walmart for $600 that will do the trick!  ;)

You shouldn't get any DirectX or DLL errors if your OS has been updated and you are using the best OS in terms of support (8). If Dolphin crashes unexpectedly, you might have to debug it and figure out what went wrong. This is useless for you, if you don't even know anything about programming.



I was going to try Dolphin again on my new laptop. I'm quite sure things will go well. Smile



Admin & Writer
The Dell XPS 15 $2,000 laptop?! Nahhh... I don't think your computer is good enough to run Dolphin...  xD



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
For some reason it always crashes when i use windows vista xD. It works very smoothly my mac tho


Admin & Writer
It worked fine on my Vista, except my graphics card wasn't powerful enough (black screen) and my computer would shutdown after 5-8 minutes (overheated CPU).

Macs have good components in them though. I will never use a Mac for whatever reason, however. I even got kicked out of my computer class because 90% of the projects we had to do were on a Mac and I said "Fuck that shit!". This one brain-dead retard at my school said to everyone "If you break this Mac laptop, you owe me $2,000!". I'm still laughing my fucking ass off! I could get a Microsoft computer for $700 that can do the same shit and more than a shitty fucking Mac!

When your brain decides to go brain-dead, beyond full retard and you buy a Mac:
You can't upgrade it
You can't get a different monitor
You can't install a different OS
You have to replace the keyboard and mouse with the same kind if it gets broken
The parts are only compliant with the machine itself and vice-versa
Has a built-in camera and mic for your own invasion of your privacy
OS GUI is fucked up
No separator seam for right and left clicking on mouse
Keyboard is just fucked up beyond belief
Each different Mac OS has a different architecture, which some programs can't run on or be updated Not compatible with any Windows applications
Doesn't come with the same awesome ass as fuck applications that Windows has
Ease of use? You can shove that up your fucking ass!
No viruses? Ha! Fucking piece of shit has spyware, adware, Trojan and ransomware written all over the fucking thing
Comes pre-installed with Trojans
Has no anti-viruses pre-installed unlike Windows
No where as customizable as Windows
Owned and designed by a company that works for the NSA and government agencies
The monitor is a part of the computer, so if you get the monitor damaged, you're beyond brain-dead if you spend another $2,000 for another shitty fucking Mac
No varieties of shitty Macs...

Shall I go on?

And some people are just so fucked in the head that they don't do their fucking research, they just go out and buy the first fucking thing they see! "Ohhhhh...! A piece of paper signed by The President of America for $300,000 and the guy selling it says it's real! Shit! I have to sell my house and get that, then I can sell it and get my house back! ulol stupid2 " And don't think that's just an example because I've seen scams like that before on eBay and complete retards that are beyond brain-dead have actually believed it and wasted their life time's money because they're so fucking retarded!

EyePull is a company that scams brain-dead retards into buying their scammy fucking products, so they can make money off your retardedness and they get money from the government agencies for doing so. Overall, it's a greedy fucking company hell-bent on destroying the economy, peoples' lives, deploying espionage software in their products, stealing peoples' money, among other things!



Why would a computer class have macs? Wtf!? Too much money to throw out of the window or what? Our state has too less money for important stuff so they buy Windows or Ubuntu machines every 5 - 10 years for the computer rooms which is clearly more cost-effective. xD



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
We have macs in our music classes but windows in our computer classes.


Admin & Writer

I don't know. Fucking retards these days! The funny thing is that my teacher's name is Mr. Mac. I'm serious, that's his real name!  lol  My school has at least 3 different fundraisers every single day and they say the money goes to building a better school. Nothing has even fucking changed, except for the computers! They even buy EyePads for the "special students" yo help them learn better. And they think that they're always going to have a computer next to them wherever they go that tells them the answer to basic questions?! Like, WTF?!

My state is turning everyone into a bunch of fucking retards! No wonder most people nowadays are just too fucking stupid and retarded, they're all being taught by retards! My fucking Grade 12 Applied math teacher gives us math for 5 year olds and tells us to use calculators too! Some fucking kids in that class, mainly girls can't even answer a simple fucking question like 5x9 . 9/10 things he tells us is wrong and most of it is just common sense!  Shocked


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