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Please Help Fixing Dead Links

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1 Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/4/2014, 4:52 am


Since my rapidshare account has died and a few other links in topics in Program Downloads have died over time I'm asking you to please post all the topics below which need their links to be fixed.

I need the help because it's too much to handle for me. Smile

I decided to use the hoster uploaded.net for most uploads now.

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2 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/4/2014, 5:08 am



3 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/4/2014, 7:15 am


Admin & Writer
You should upload to one that will most likely never die and there are no restrictions on files. A hoster like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox. Those are the 3 most reliable ones. I use Dropbox personally, but it only gives you 2 GB, which in my opinion is more than enough to upload some programs and some other shit. Google Drive allows you to use direct download links and offers 15 GB. I can't say anything for One Drive because I've never tried it before. Perhaps you should try one of those instead of the less known / reliable ones. Wink


4 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/4/2014, 8:54 am


Cloud hosters suck because you can't modify the folder path without breaking all the shared links.

Nevermind, I'm using Mediafire now. They're amazing!

You have to log in once a year (!) and files are kept forever. Very Happy


5 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/4/2014, 12:16 pm

Whats weed?HAHAHA

Whats weed?HAHAHA
Program Code Creator
Bully Wii Hacks » Program Downloads » Wii » Game Modding » Call of Duty Series » Modern Warfare Reflex » MWR Custom Create-A-Class v1.0

Read more: http://www.bullywiihacks.com/t1250-mwr-custom-create-a-class-v10#ixzz3KyRgaj2M

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                                 Béšt cødérš Ëvér

We are all great hackers/modders/code creators but we must move on eventually i will remember the wii as the first console i ever hacked i hope this site does great this site is amazing, thank you bully. WILL MISS ALL YOU GUYS SINCE IM MOVING TO PS3 Sad

6 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/6/2014, 7:09 am


Bully Wii Hacks » Program Downloads » Wii » Game Modding » Gecko Cheat Code Manager

Read more: http://www.bullywiihacks.com/t426-gecko-cheat-code-manager#ixzz3L8t1mbxe

7 Re: Please Help Fixing Dead Links on 12/6/2014, 8:55 am


Admin & Writer
You can find the Gecko Cheat Code Manager on Google, but that's not to say there shouldn't be a working link on here.


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