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Can somebody at least try to make a program for mobile devices?

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Can maybe someone make a app or program downloadable for mobile devices that cam run them? Like command code creater or create a class? Please


Admin & Writer
Even if we could, how would you be able to copy the code over to the computer for use in the cheat code manager to export to an SD card?



^ what they said lol. pretty sure phones dont have sd card slots ( ones that ud need for the sd card used to hack with )or a usb port. sure they could make it but ur gunna need to use a computer to put the codes on it anyway so why would they go through the trouble Razz

oh, and this isnt important enough to make a topic on so ill just say it here lol. with the create a class for mw3 i guess noobs need a better guide told me buddy to come here for codes and programs, gave him a link to mw3 creat a class program, kept telling me it doesnt work so i told him to come over, show me what he was doing.he was chosing attatchments that dont belong to the guns lol. and he didnt heed the warning that moab isnt actualy a moab and that pred missle doesnt work lol.
then when i made him a class with it and it worked he said, and i quote" being a hacker is hard" i hit em upside the head lol. told him once he makes a successful code that he didnt steal and didnt just modify a code then he could say that lol.

noobs these days xD

just cuz the codes/program is made and right infront of ya doesnt mean you can be stupid, use common sence, course an attatchment thats not made for the gun and you put it on it is gunna mess up the code xD

Last edited by HeadShot:O on 1/19/2015, 6:15 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : addind nooby laughs lol)


Won't be made since it's useless, sorry.

Also it might run on a phone anyway, just figure out what to install.

Using the program to make a class isn't considered hacking but using common sense. The sad thing is that I even wrote a "What works?" option to read for morons who think they can put anything and it'll work. Also there's a message box telling the user to read the instructions every time a code is generated because I know that people need a reminder Rolling Eyes



xD i never read anything that poped up lol. before i downloaded it i bookmarked a site with all guns and attatchments just incase i think i may have messed a class up so i can double check lol.

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