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Make HOST ONLY friction modifier?

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1Happy Make HOST ONLY friction modifier? on 4/9/2016, 9:17 pm


This code

Friction Modifier: [strakn]
28200EE0 0000XXXX
A8000000 00000001
80000000 814CA9B8
86910000 3F000000
254CA9B8 3FC00000
054CA9B8 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*Host Only, All Players
*XXXX is button activator.
*Cycles between friction values of 0/0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0

Make it so only the host, and only host be able to change friction? Or just make it not chnaheable, just friction modifier code, reason is I found out by using this code white the knife in hand (the no gun , knife , bomb planting sound) and when you crouch and have where y make friction so you slide, you look like a gorrila haha so funny, and I want it so when I'm the host people be like wtf and I don't want other people to slide. Please thank you anyone please


"Or just make it not *changeable*".
"Reason is I found out by using this code *while* knife in hand"
"And when you crouch and have it where *you* make friection so you slide"


Admin & Writer
I haven't been able to find a Friction code to port over to this game and mode. Also, that code in your post is ran by a Dvar, so porting it would (I'm 99% sure) have the same effects in terms of who can run the code in the game (host / non-host / all-players.) In this case, it would be all-players and YOU obviously don't want that. I doubt anyone here with a Gecko will help you, as everyone is pretty much done with Wii hacking. Sorry, man, but I think you're shit out of luck. Neutral

Make HOST ONLY friction modifier? Simple10


It's simply an all players thing. It can't be changed unless another host only version is found but nobody will bother trying anyone.

Make HOST ONLY friction modifier? Lejx87ba

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