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Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"

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Mod & Writer

What are yalls thoughts on this? Personally I plan on installing Linux.

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Transparent-illuminati-animated-gif-3
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Who cares, Linux is so shitty, Microsoft can't make Windows 10 so bad that it truly makes sense to switch, trust me. I'm sometimes forced to use Ubuntu and it's utterly crap compared to basically god mode on Windows 10 with tons of insanely good free/commercial programs where everything works very well. I can't say that about Linux at all. I got more crashes in 1 day than in the entire lifetime of Windows 10. Twisted Evil

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Lejx87ba

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Deluxe Batman@BWH
I'm happy with my Windows 8.1 and not planning to upgrade or downgrade.

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Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  2le42rl


Admin & Writer
Yes, Bully is totally right. I made a switch to Linux a while back because I got bored of Windows and wanted something different, among other reasons. It was working fine and ran a lot faster but only because I didn't have a shit load of crap on the partition it was installed into. Then I tried installing a Windows program through Wine and a few other things. Looked up fixes for the errors I was getting, followed along, then the OS crashed. And now I can't get into the OS (login screen or Desktop). I lost so many documents I was working on and only one document, thank Hitler, was saved to a USB; a 50,000+ word document on my life.

So, fuck Linux! You'll never have an desktop OS made as good as Windows. Like Bully had said, nothing can make Windows so bad that you have to make a switch to Linux. The main thing that I hate about Linux is that it doesn't have support for Windows programs (Wine has too much bugs, can crash desktop, makes all programs look like they're from Win 98 instead of how they were designed, etc.)

Now, every single time I boot up my computer, I get the loader screen and I have no fucking clue how to get it back to the Windows loader. A Google search said you need a Windows 8.1 installation CD and go into the BIOS. The last thing you want to touch on a computer without knowing what the fuck you're doing... is the BIOS. So, like I said... FUCK LINUX!!!

My rant could have been longer than this but you get the point that I absolutely abhor Linux.

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Simple10


There are actually a bunch of people saying that Linux is better than Windows. On GBATemp, a voting resulted in more people voting for Linux being the best Desktop OS:

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Uyd5l3cn

 I mean come on. What the fuck. People's ignorance from the truth and stupidity is cringey. I came to the thread and destroyed Linux. People thought I was trolling or something. Linux has a market share of less than 5% because it's shitty as hell. Only Android phones running Linux are actually good but on the Desktop it's abysmal and these guys defend it and deny its obvious deficits. The only reason these guys are like that is because it's open-source, free and probably more dedicated to "hacking" yet you can do the same on frickin' Windows in a more productive way. xD

Here's the link:

This thread really needed a nudge in the right direction back then. You would expect these guys were smart but wow dude. Who in their right mind would use an OS made by open-source amateurs if they have an army of professionals getting paid to build Windows. Even Sheep OS-X is better than Linux and it came in 3rd Wink

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Lejx87ba


Admin & Writer

Well, I'm about to grab out my Glock and blow my brains out with the little amount of brain cells I have left after having seen stupidity at one of it's highest points I've seen in a long time.

That fuckin' Yodamerlin dumbass... like the shit he says doesn't even make sense and when one guy asked him (not in these exact words):

"How are you able to play games on Linux?"
"Oh, well, I play this and that and that and this. But this game is all I really need."

Really? Really?! Jesus fuckin' doggy-style Christ! Whaaaaaat theeeee fuuuuuuck do you use for brains, son?!?! Talkin' to a brick wall would get me a better fuckin' answer!

And that fuckin' Monaldo prick. When you said "Linux is only for no lives." He points your statement at something that is totally unrelated to the subject; the military. What the fuck do they have to do with a computer OS?! I FUCKIN' HATE PRICKS WHO THINK THE MILITARY IS SOME KIND OF A JOKE AND DON'T SEE IT LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO!!! One of my best buddies was in the military and he's seen it all. Another one of my buddies has been through The Troubles.

When people fuckin' say shit like "Oh, peepah in da milatawy doon do shiet. Ahahaha" Yeah, fuckin' right! They're the ones who make sure you're not gettin' a fuckin' Paki comin' into your neighbourhood and blowing himself up. How? Because they go overseas and fuckin' kill those pricks and at least try to prevent them from floating on a raft over here. You ain't going to support allied military, then you're fuckin' dead to me. I'm going to be killin' you when war in allied countries breaks out. Why would I do something like that, you say? If you're not with us... you're with them... and when you're with them... you're going to fuckin' die and that's a guarantee. Smile Wink

I'm sorry, but I get fuckin' pissed when people talk bad shit about our military. I know he was talkin' about the US military, but it don't matter. They're the most powerful allied country in the world and the second largest and powerful army behind China who has a military over 2/3 the size of the states. You don't want to fuck with them. The next war we get into, it'll be the Chinese.

Anyways, that's my little rant. Sorry for going off-topic.

Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse"  Simple10

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