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1FINALLY 16!! Empty FINALLY 16!! on 8/9/2016, 1:41 am

Deluxe Batman@BWH

Deluxe Batman@BWH
Finally 16 now! Now i can buy fireworks and in other countries drive a car.

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FINALLY 16!! 2le42rl

2FINALLY 16!! Empty Re: FINALLY 16!! on 8/9/2016, 3:25 am


Mod & Writer
Happy Birthday Man birthday

Heck I remember turning 16. Dousent seem all that long ago tbh.

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3FINALLY 16!! Empty Re: FINALLY 16!! on 8/9/2016, 5:20 am


Admin & Writer
Nice, man! Very Happy What country do you live in? Here in Canada, you can drive a car at 16, but why would you want to go to another country to learn how to drive a car? lol You'd only be allowed there for 6 months anyways, unless you had a permanent residency visa. And to get your G class license (what it's called in Ontario, beginners permit > G1 > G2 > G), you'd have to to be in that country for at least a few years or more. Not sayin' that's what you'd do. In fact, I don't think anybody would be that stupid to do that, just to get a license, only valid in that country's state / province and would have to be renewed at least every 5 years (at least in Ontario). I'm sure some stupid people may have done it before though, as there are always stupid people doing every such possible stupid thing.

I have an Indian reserve about a 45 minute drive from my town that sells firecrackers / fireworks and various tobacco products (chaw, cigarettes, cigars, etc.) and they don't ask for ID because the Indians tobacco isn't regulated like store-bought tobacco, but their explosives are. Even so, they won't ask for ID.

Since you're already allowed to buy explosives, but maybe you aren't allowed to buy tobacco, just go out to an Indian reserve, because they don't ask for ID. Wink All they care about is their money.

FINALLY 16!! Simple10

4FINALLY 16!! Empty Re: FINALLY 16!! on 8/13/2016, 1:05 am


shitnbitch@BWH wrote:Since you're already allowed to buy explosives, but maybe you aren't allowed to buy tobacco, just go out to an Indian reserve, because they don't ask for ID.  Wink  All they care about is their money.
True, some countries are that corrupt. I visited Czechoslovakia with my school and all 12 - 14 year old kids could buy anything like ninja stars, knives or alcohol. The vendors didn't care as long as they got the money. In Germany you probably would be arrested for underage selling of these things xD

FINALLY 16!! Lejx87ba

5FINALLY 16!! Empty Re: FINALLY 16!! on 5/22/2017, 11:52 am


Admin & Writer

The reason the Indians don't ask for ID is because their tobacco isn't regulated like it is in the stores. They don't have to pay ridiculous taxes on them either, and can even sell / get flavoured tobacco too. I get a carton (200 cigarettes) for $20 on the reserve. In the store, it would cost me at least $100!

They changed the laws a short while ago too wherein they must ask for ID. I've only been asked for ID once out there and that was when the law changed. After that time, I have never been asked for it. I've never even seen the girl that asked me for it. Her family probably sacrificed her to the rain gods. "Me Big Chief. Me sacrifice you. Me big Indian family lose many money because of you." xD

And hey, I ain't complaining if my country is corrupt in my favour. Twisted Evil Troll

FINALLY 16!! Simple10

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