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About The Forumotion Crash Last Night + Rant

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Admin & Writer
Alright... Smile So, I tried getting onto BWH last night to look at a thread, only to find that the servers are down. OK... OK... Go on there "support" forum. Hmm... What's the matter here? OH!!! The Forumotion "support" site's server is on the same server as the sites they "support" and update. What fuckin' dumbass... WHAT FUCKIN' DUMBASS!!! Puts their support forum on the same server as their forums they supply to people... who always seem to need help with almost everything, BUT... when the time comes there's a problem with connecting to their forum, they go to the support forum for help, only to find that... IT'S FUCKIN' DOWN TOO!!! Rolling Eyes lmao Slap

Now, I figured they had a Facebook page, which they do. So, I go on there read the comments, everyone is asking questions about the servers, this is what I commented:

"Stop asking questions, guys, you're not going to get an answer. After all, what do you expect from a brain-dead retarded piece of shit dumbass who puts his 'support' forum on the same server as the sites he's supposedly 'supporting'? Smile "

I sent a message to them:

About The Forumotion Crash Last Night + Rant Screen24

They read the message at 3:30 my time, but 9:30 AM their time (Paris, France). That's 5.5 hours after their server technicians took care of the problem. And they didn't even fuckin' care to respond! They didn't! Instead, they decide to fuckin' ban me from their page! If they were a fuckin' store, they'd be out of business within a week! All the people who get pissed off at them for being a dumbass, then they just tell all their fuckin' loyal customers to go fuck themselves. Fuckin' assholes!

Bully, you should have chose another forum hoster. This one's a fuckin' asshole and is nothing but a bunch of dumbass pricks who think they own their customers because they sit behind a big company's screen and no one can get them. Fuckin' pathetic! Rolling Eyes


About The Forumotion Crash Last Night + Rant Simple10

Deluxe Batman@BWH

Deluxe Batman@BWH
I hate Forumotion, We should just install the phpBB zip package that way we can have full control but then we would have to get the host etc. I heard Hostinger is good even the free package is good 100GB bandwith or i cant remember the price but unlimited bandwith and storage

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About The Forumotion Crash Last Night + Rant 2le42rl


That was pretty fun to read thanks but it's alright, it's free forum hosting. They are allowed to suck so we can totally accept the circumstances xDDDDD

About The Forumotion Crash Last Night + Rant Lejx87ba

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