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Wii Scene Dying - Time For Bigger and Better Hacking!

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Admin & Writer
As you all can tell, the Wii scene is dying out. Most of what could be done is done. I still believe, however, there can be more still done, but will not be as enjoyed as much by the users (and hackers themselves). The possibilities that still remain would be done by those that are at least computer-inclined and understanding. Such things would be considered breakthroughs / discoveries rather than a derivation of what has already been achieved. For the users, what would this mean, other than it being really neat?

A great deal of time and even money would have to be put down in order to achieve something that would draw users back to the scene. For now, and quite possibly for the long endeavouring journey into the Wii hacking scene, it might become an underground scene; one not worth spending time and money into making it even better.

In my opinion, to draw attention to a need and cause, there needs to be a community. If there is no community, there is a lack of information sharing and more work for individual hackers on their own.

This is why I propose, we as hackers, and those that just have a keen interest on learning subjects evolving around computers, technology, etc., should share what we know, to have an information knowledge and user database, free and welcoming for all to use and to contribute on a grand scale.

If this said community grows, shall we see hackers joining hands, in the literal sense, together to create and expand technology, to make breakthroughs and discoveries with hacking. How any user of a computer has every oppurtunity and choice at the press of a few keystrokes and a click in their mind, to get and share ideas, to build from the ideas, and ultimately in the end, to have a network of like-minded individuals hacking our way into the future, well.... that depends on the hackers reading this, and more so the general users of technology reading this and getting curious.

The time has come: Think like a Computer, Speak in Ideas, Write the Language... Be the computer that makes a computer... a computer.

Wii Scene Dying - Time For Bigger and Better Hacking! Simple10


Of course, the console is 12 years old now. A scene is quite worthless without all the noobs. Even the successor console (Wii U) is dying. It never got nearly as famous as the original Wii though. But good times, we won't get them back :/

Wii Scene Dying - Time For Bigger and Better Hacking! Lejx87ba


Code Creator
Hey, been a while. I was reminiscing about Black Ops Wii and remembered about this website. Skimmed through some of the posts I made and I gotta say, I apologize for how idiotic i was lol. I hated everyone for no reason. Anyways from my point of view the Wii is already dead and has been dead for quite some time. It'll never get "resurrected" nor can any of us stop it from dying off further. Hell by the time I joined the scene it was dying, it just continues everyday. But it awesome to see you fellas putting in your time still to work out new ways to change a games coding into something fun and enjoyable for people. To me it's not worth it anymore to continue coding. For one I bricked my own Wii with codes so I couldn't code anymore. If it is a hobby you really enjoy doing I say hey, go ahead; but if you are looking to get noticed for your coding I'd probably say that that time is passed now. The Wii just isn't as popular as it used to be. People move on and that isn't a bad thing, it gives all of us a chance to move on as well and find bigger and better things. With that note I want to say farewell, and again sorry for being such a prick.

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