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Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2

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I am trying to export codes via "Export GCTU" in JGecko U v4.2.2, however I am running into a snag.

I have copy and pasted the correct Title ID in the "Title ID" field, but the field stays red and won't allow me to confirm. I have verified it is the correct Title ID and have also tried manually entering the ID as well with no luck.

Does anyone know what might be causing this to happen and how to correct it? For the record, I am running on Windows 10 64-bit.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 Captur10


Admin & Writer
Hi, welcome to BWH!  Smile  How's it going?

I found a video on a Russian YT site that shows a very similar title ID tht you have, but with a slight difference....


Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 Screen54

I'm not sure how, or how much title ID's differ from each other on the Wii U. I know very little about Wii U. Let me know if that simple, possible, typo correction has fixed your issue. If it doesn't, we'll have to wait til Bully sees this.

EDIT: I Googled the ID... It's Pikmin. Hmm... I'm not sure.  Neutral  Maybe press Enter, or click outside the textbox on the dialog window, maybe it might register then. I've had that experience with some other programs. It says it has to be entered manually. Damn, this program is very specific, lol Did you paste it in? I don't know what more I could suggest. It should register automatically.

Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 Simple10

Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 LSTjSyD: SnB_BWH#2732

Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 12073310


Thanks, SnB@BWH! Yeah, the Title ID I provided originally was for the USA eShop version of Pikmin 1 Wii for the Wii U.

I tried the Title ID you provided, but with no luck either.

I also tried again entering the Title ID manually and then clicking outside of the text field, hitting Enter, hitting Tab, but still no luck.

I'm still not sure what else I might be missing. I appreciate your assistance, though.

I've had programs in the past that have this same verification and they have worked fine. I'm not sure why this one would be any different.


Hi Matthias64,

I confirmed it's a bug, thank you for posting.
Currently only digits are accepted, if you replace all non-digits with digits it would be accepted.

For example
will be green but
will be red.

This bug will be fixed in the next update:
Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 2021-010

Unable to Confirm Title ID JGecko U v4.2.2 YBjg74I


Thanks for letting me know, Bully!

I appreciate your assistance in a fix and all the work you put into creating these programs! Very Happy

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