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can't get the command code working

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1 can't get the command code working on 10/12/2014, 12:58 am


i tried a lot of times but it is still not working. i don't why.
i downloaded th program here http://www.bullywiihacks.com/f9-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3-sm8e52-sm8p52-sm8f52-sm8s52-sm8d52
here is what i typed in the programme. i set the config to alpha.
twistbind WII_DPAD_RIGHT "give ammo"
bind WII_HOME "noclip"
twistbind WII_HOME "notarget"
twistbind WII_DPAD_UP "god"
twistbind WII_PLUS "give all"
twistbind WII_MINUS "dropweapon"
twistbind WII_2 "ai axis delete"

here is the code for making the GCT cheat file.i tested both the online auto activator and wiimote activator.
201D6324 FFFFFFFA/2820602A 00008000
F6000001 90009100
675F616C 7068612E
16000014 00000074
789C5DCD 410A3F10
05D07D4F 313F3F50
3FAB415B 5C96D10C
65603F36 3F5F2BD4
4596C33F CFCB3F3F
522D3F53 5A0F3F3F
765F7657 733FC05E
66061A3F C5DFAB4B
7D00F4E1 3F31EB6E
96683FE5 FA5B6EED
3F73ADCD 79653786
B830C5E0 F3C00E3F
3F133856 4E3FC1FB
4A3F0000 00000000
E0000000 80008000

i set the hooktype to VBI. my blackops game ID is SC7E52. after the game had finished loading (and i had pressed the  home button if the code used the wiimote activator), i tried to activate the command codes but nothing happened. how to fix it???


sylvain1998 wrote:i set the hooktype to VBI
N00b Rolling Eyes

How many times do we need to repeat that you need OSSLEEPTHREAD hooktype.

This is a tragedy thanks to the gecko makers with their confusing hooktype selection shit. Nobody knows what they are actually for. Just make it take the correct one automatically or whatever. fail

This wouldn't happen if people for once looked at how stuff needs to be configured:



Mod & Writer
I now bully has allready posted but he has a Very Good Point!  Iv seen it Too meny times on other sites...  OSSleepThread is the correct


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Um... actually not for everyone Razz for some reason i have to leave the default config on in gecko os to use the codes, if i switch to ossleepthread hook type it doesnt read my codes. btw my version is SC7E52 .


So what codes won't work? I honestly want to see and hear these codes because I can get on now and I have my config set to OSSleepThread. I wanna see if your being serius or just not wanting to admit you messed up. We already have one Wii Fag running around doing that *cough* Dark Anonyskid *cough* we don't need a second one.



Codes only work on Ossleepthread for CoD games though. However, I haven't tried all hook types Rolling Eyes



Hold on are you running a game disk or a ISO?


8 Re: can't get the command code working on 12/24/2014, 11:57 am


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>~< skiddly


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idk why my message was deleted lol. i use a a game bought from the store Razz every hack ive tried on ossleepthread dont work, even the codes here, for some reason mine needs to be default. weird. hacks i use ( if i switch to ossleepthread they dont work )
are: sometimes god mode, sometimes aimbot, promo code foxtrot, ammo, everything bought, colorize enemy red, one hit kill.

oh and just a question ive serched the forms i cant find any that work, is there a code that promotes everyone in your lobby?

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