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Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to setup a statistics modifier gecko code which is host only. This involves prestige, level, CoD Points and so on. If you just want the code scroll to the bottom and also read the usage instructions.

First of all, you need to download my Cfg Editor. Go ahead and also download the RAM dump of your region here. Now you also need HxD.
Dumping the configuration
Extract the RAM dump archive you downloaded to some folder and open up the DUMP90 multiplayer file HxD.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_ra10

Now we want to search for a certain configuration to modify. In my example it will be
so press CTRL + F and input that into the search box.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_se10

Hit OK.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_be10

Once it finds something, right-click the byte which is an

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_x10

and press CTRL + E. In this new dialog press CTRL + C to copy the starting address.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Mark_b10

Hit Cancel.

Press CTRL + F again to bring up the search dialog again. Here we input the next configuration file name which is


in our example. Once found, click at one byte before that name and press CTRL + E. Press CTRL + V to paste the starting address

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_bl10

and hit OK.

Now the entire configuration file should be marked and we can hit CTRL + C to copy everything.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_co14

Press CTRL + N to create a new file. Press CTRL + V to paste everything.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Hxd_pa10

Press CTRL + S to bring up the save dialog and save the file somewhere. Remember the starting address since it will be needed later.
Editing the configuration
Launch Cfg Editor and load up the file you just dumped.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Cfg_ed10

Delete everything in there and paste

vstr statistics

set xblive_privatematch 0

set statistics "vstr prestige"
set prestige "statwriteddl playerstatslist plevel 15; vstr level"
set level "statwriteddl playerstatslist rank 50; vstr experience"
set experience "statwriteddl playerstatslist rankxp 1260800; vstr codpoints"
set codpoints "statwriteddl playerstatslist codpoints 13371337; fast_restart"

The code changes your private match into a public match so that the rank can be modded. Then the code sets the players prestige to 15, level 50, 1260800 XP and 13371337 CoD Points. Feel free to edit this to your liking and or change the script completely.

More things that can be used:

Next you should save the file under a different name again by clicking on "File..." and "Save...". Now create the code by clicking on "File..." and "Code...". Where it says "File offset" you paste the "Starting Address" which you were supposed to preserve.

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Cfg_ge10


Finally hit "Copy" to copy the code to your clipboard.
In-game Usage
Apply the code to your game using Gecko OS, USB Loader GX or similar and go to multiplayer.

There you start a private match and load up the greenhorn controls preset by going to the in-game menu (1 on Wii Remote) then select "Controls" and "Load Preset". Click on "Greenhorn".

Now it won't actually change to that preset but rather execute the hacks. The match will automatically be restarted and you only need to end the game for everything to be saved to your profile.

The following screenshot shows my playercard after doing the hack:

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Sc7d5214
Nity for the profile modifier commands
Bully@WiiPlaza all the rest

Enjoy Very Happy

Black Ops Wii: Modifying Multiplayer Statistics Lejx87ba

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