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1 Hatred... on 8/18/2015, 6:33 pm


It's a emotion that can take you over in a instant.. it can also send you over the edge... The emotion can consume you change who you are.. It can send you down the darkest path.. Soon hatred turns to the lust for revenge... The things I have seen the things I have done hold no feeling even close to how I feel now... The feeling of your heart and soul being ripped out and burned right before your eyes.. I have seen that today and I can feel it flowing through my vanes like venom... The love is gone all that is left is pain... that is unless you turn it into something useful... This message is for those who have sent me on this dark path.. I am coming for you no where to run no where to hide.. See you all in hell.

2 Re: Hatred... on 8/19/2015, 2:50 am


Yep, what's the story?


3 Re: Hatred... on 8/19/2015, 3:19 am


There is none xD Got high and wrote that.


4 Re: Hatred... on 8/19/2015, 3:21 am



Shadow@BWH wrote:There is none xD Got high and wrote that.
Got to love weed these days xD <3. And Shadow talk to me on kik


Feel free to ask questions to any of the BWH members I am the most active so more will be come from me lol xD


5 Re: Hatred... on 3/25/2017, 2:53 pm


Admin & Writer
It's amazing what you can write when you're high. I only wished I had attempted to write when I was tripping on weed about a year ago. I don't think I would've been able to write anyways though, because when I was messaging a friend on Facebook, I could barely form a proper sentence. Everything had to be in point-form and no more than 3 or 4 words long. Not only that, but I couldn't think of certain words. I'd be stuck on all these strange thoughts... like really strange thoughts that no one normally thinks.

It was just way too fucking strong of a trip. It was a complete mindfuck like no one could imagine! I've done it so often that I trip 24/7 like maybe 3/10 of the strength of the trip on weed. I don't think I'll ever smoke weed again.


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