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1Message to ModZ Empty Message to ModZ on 8/18/2016, 10:46 am


Admin & Writer
What's up, nigget? Last time we talked was almost a month ago and you haven't been on Facebook in all that time either. You come on this site every now and then though, but you don't post anything. I know you don't read my PMs, especially the one I sent you over a year ago that you still haven't read, lol Razz Just wonderin' what's up?

Anyone else can comment on this post if they want.

Message to ModZ Simple10

2Message to ModZ Empty Re: Message to ModZ on 8/18/2016, 1:44 pm


snb... that was your 3333th post... YOU'RE THE ILLUMINATI!!

Feel free to PM me for whatever reason. You can also find me on Steam or YouTube.

3Message to ModZ Empty Re: Message to ModZ on 8/18/2016, 4:02 pm


Admin & Writer
LMFAO! I know, right. xD The funny thing is is that I've been seeing the number 33 everywhere. The last time I kept seeing it was when I got word that my now-ex that I met in a summer program wanted to date me. Maybe I'm going to get lucky and get another woman, a normal woman, not some fuckin' retarded dumb whore childish bitch that thinks females get pregnant by holding hands and kissing. Yes... she actually thinks that's how you get pregnant. And she wants to have sex with me and have kids too. And she's only 20! Jesus fuckin' doggy style Mary Christ! WTF?!

*takes off her clothes*
*takes off my clothes*
"Eww... what's that fuckin' 'third leg' you got, Andrew?"

That's what would happen. She is a pathological liar and a major thief. A bad one too. She's... She's something. She's a fuckin' disgrace to the idea of a woman, that's what she is! I just really wish I could have my way with her. I'd fuck her in the ass and sodomize it to the point she'll have to be pushed around in a wheelchair because it'll be too fuckin' painful to walk. Hell, anything she fuckin' ate would fall right out of her ass before being turned into shit. Twisted Evil But that wouldn't matter, because she puts on weight like fuckin' crazy. I weigh between 170 and 180. She fuckin' weighed 180 when I last went out with her a few months ago. How much you wanna bet that she weighs at least... AT LEAST 200 by now?

Dumb fuckin' cunt! Anyways... That's my little rant about my ex. Smile

Message to ModZ Simple10

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