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Can't Access The Codes or RAM Dumps Section? Read This!

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Admin & Writer
Prices and other things have been updated!

Please read Topic #1 to see the changes.

Alright, the time has come! In order to get codes or dumps, you must pay a very small fee.

Before you read on, have a look at these two topics:

Topic 1
Topic 2


Members with the Coder status are exempt from this change, mainly because they were the ones who contributed to the codes and some of the RAM dumps on this site. They don't deserve to get shut out.

Here's the menu:

All popular RAM dumps will be priced at 0.000075 Bitcoin or 190 Dogecoins or 0.011 Litecoin or $2.00 PayPal.

This includes any stickied dump (the topics at the top with a warning symbol that says "Sticky.)"
All other dumps: 0.00005 Bitcoin or 125 Dogecoin or 0.0075 Litecoin or $1.50 PayPal.

Gecko Codes that have more than 1,000 views are 0.00005 Bitcoin 0.00005 Bitcoin or 125 Dogecoin or 0.0075 Litecoin or $2 PayPal..
All other Gecko Codes: 0.000035 Bitcoin or 85 Dogecoin or 0.00525 Litecoin or $1.50 PayPal.

So, how do you pay?

You can pay either in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin or PayPal.

Here are my addresses:

Bitcoin: 1Jdj2oqZvguCUmaxdDkbregNswWgt7nWmL
Litecoin: LhLoAECSz4LAykwYhZx4834CNTUSTPF3xY
Dogecoin: D5F5iXTnfpaHLxiujUYvNo8EiA5EvHWpUs

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Hucklow

Browse through the codes or RAM dumps you would like and private message me the link of the topic and what kind of purchase you would like to make. I will private message you back once I receive a cleared payment and will give you access to the codes.  Smile


Mind you, paying in PayPal will cost you a lot more, but you can get THREE of anything you choose, but you can only choose ONE 1,000+ view code per every purchase of three codes or if you choose RAM dumps, you can only choose ONE stickied (popular) RAM dump. Also, you can NOT have a mixture of RAM dumps and codes per every purchase, you can only choose one or the other, unless you are not including a stickied RAM dump or a 1,000+ views code.

Any questions can be posted in this topic. Please do NOT private message me questions, as I will only reply back telling you to post your question in this topic.



Done. But cant pm u i did that like a month ago nothing


Mod & Writer
SeeDank1011 wrote:Done. But cant pm u i did that like a month ago nothing

Did you actually donate? if so how much and what paypal / crypto address did you use.


Got Crypto?:

BTC    - 16zD2Vhqpp85AE2WDpEiGDJ1Pgm8FFtSBW
LTC     -- LUBCGA7p6oru6yvxm39Dm8adC6Xe9X8YUd
DGC   -- D6JfuscokL7ZbMNhZmY3DPt36CrSCmyYMN
ETH    -- 0x80ef4EfB5060d9a520504DbED84BCF06D34371a8
POT    -- PMRtRadHLgWjow8A5igLNybUoW1WZypC84

Want to earn Crypto?:

Want to get a cut from my Mining Profits?  Click HERE.


I did it like a month ago, i'm not going to argue


Admin & Writer
You never PM'd us, nor have I gotten an email from PayPal saying I have been sent money... nor have I seen a transaction in any of my wallets. It was clearly stated to PM me and to make a deal. And no, you did not send payment a month ago. You are only exaggerating; you created your account 2 weeks ago, not one month ago.

No one on this site has ever had a problem sending PM's, except for some code stealing waste of oxygen, named RAPTOR_CODBO, who used that as an excuse to get codes. I feel you are doing the same.

MK was NOT arguing with you, he was only clearly helping you with your problem, which is of no one's fault but your own, because of your lack of common sense. If you don't want to "argue" as you would idiotically call it, then go fuck yourself. I have given the codes to people who have paid... who sent me a PM to setup a deal, which I would give them more of a benefit to the purchase than what was originally stated, because I am considerate and nice.

If you can't settle a simple problem with us that you are having, why waste your time asking in the first place, just to basically tell us to go fuck ourselves? Rolling Eyes


6 donacion on 5/26/2018, 1:20 am


cuanto tendria que donar para codes multijugador mw3.

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