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Forum Rules

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1Information Forum Rules on 5/30/2012, 4:46 am


Welcome to the Bully Wii Hacks forums,
here you will find a lot of great homebrew stuff for the Wii and more!

First all, the Forumotion terms of service apply:

Then there are also the following custom rules:

- No Spam (Senseless posts or posts that don't refer to the topic in any way)
- No Double Posting (The "edit" button is there to help, really!)
- No Warez (Copyrighted material, cracks and all that kinda stuff)
- No Hate (Minor use of curse words at all times and no harassing other members)
- No Shocking/Sexual Facts/Pictures/Nasty Websites (That's not what this forum is for)
- Senseful Topic Titles (If you fail, your topic may get deleted commentless)
- Use The Forum Search (Your question is most likely already answered somewhere, we do NOT discuss the same thing over and over again)
- Mind Your Spelling (Please try to type in understandable English)

If you're having an issue with the forum, please read the "frequently asked questions" and if that doesn't help, ask.

Bumping code requests is not allowed. Be it opening a new topic or re-posting the same. It may take a lot of time and effort to do it. A coder doesn't need to submit a reason for not making the code in question, he/she doesn't owe you anything at all, so behave accordingly!

Supported language on the forum is English ONLY! Use a translator like "google translator", if you need to. However, there will probably be sub-forums/topics for other languages on request! Shocked

Online cheating talk is allowed and mostly supported, as long as it's for fun only. Serious game ruining stuff like demoting or stealing people's accounts is NOT. It's where the game turns unplayable for everyone and that's pointless.

Test codes before asking questions about them!
It will most likely be faster than getting an answer AND you won't piss anyone off!

Posting codes is up to me and other code creators, not YOU! There's a support section for a reason, to to get specific codes/help. You can not post in the code section!

Don't post uncredited codes when asking for help!

Post to existing support threads and post to the correct section!

Send me a PM or post to the "Code Creator" topic, if you want to post your own codes on here! (Stealing credit by straight copies or modifying other people's code values or changing codes slightly to take credit deems you as skid and n00b)

Major or repeated violations of the rules may result in a ban!
To be updated... Forum Rules 1025043054

~ Bully

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